Spa Services


Hungarian Cocoon Wrap 
Breath in the decadent fragrance of Hungarian cocoa and berry sweetness as your body is cocooned in the lush organic nutrients and vitamins. This treatment restores elasticity, improves skin texture, tone, and hydrates: resulting in unparalled radiance and silky softness.

Stone Crop Cocoon Wrap
Envelope yourself with a cocoon of stone crop gel that heals and tames your body into smooth submission. Stone crops ancient healing properties helps calm and restore hydration, while lightening spots and firming in lines and wrinkles. This treatment is perfect for sundamaged, dehydrated, dull skin.

Seasonal Cocoon Wrap

Organic Sugar Glow 
A luxurious sweet treat that will leave your skin beautifully soft to the touch. The natural AHA in sugar cane gently exfoliates the entire body to perfection while a variety of exotic fruit pulps and herbs are hand picked specifically for your skin’s needs. Choose between Cucumber Mint, Cranberry Pomegranite, or Pear Green Apple.

Organic Back Treatment 
This spicy treatment uses Old World spices blended with delicious fruits and herbs to detoxify and smooth every inch of the back. A massage with extracts from the stone crop plants boosts hydration and soothes.

Blueberry Sliming Body Wrap
With sweet smell of blueberries and the action of herbal extract…

Infrared Slimming Blanket
Best way to clense the skin…

Indicates an organic treatment


Chrysalis Custom Organic Facial
60 minutes 
Our most popular facial! Using handmade, organic products rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients, your facial will be customized to address all your skin care needs. Experience nature at its best, and treat your skin to a radiant, healthy glow.

Anti Acne Treatment
80 minutes 
A facial designed for the treatment of inflamed, irritated, acne skin types. The treatment includes a detoxifying masque and a combination of products, which soothes, corrects, and protects acne prone skin. This treatment results in healthy toned skin and helps to prevent future breakouts and congestion.

Rosacea ‘C’ Facial
80 minutes 
A facial designed for sensitive, rosacea, acne skin types or those lacking in vitamin C. This calming facial uses rose hips (which contain vitamin C) and a combination of high oxidant ingredients to soothe inflammation, treat redness, and restore balance. Your skin is left feeling soothed and nourished with a dewy complexion.

Gentleman’s Organic Facial
45 minutes 
A treatment specifically designed to meet the demands of every man’s skin care needs. This facial is excellent for keeping a man’s skin in optimal condition.

Rejuvenating Oxygen Facial
75 minutes
Undo the damage by daily stress, environmental pollutants, and harsh weather, an instant boost for tired, lifeless skin. Using oxygen infused serums and botanical extracts, this facial restores vitality, rehydrates skin, improves tone, and appearance.

Seasonal Facial
For luxuriously delicious skin, treat yourself to an eminence seasonal facial designed to repair and rejuvenate your weathered skin to a healthy glow. Enjoy the aromatic smells of your favorite seasons, and ease away stress; from our pumpkin facial that smells like Grandma's pumpkin pie or a scrumptious cherryific summer facial that will bring back memories of warm days of summer.

Anti-Aging Facial Peel Treatment
60 minutes 
This resurfacing skin treatment uses alpha hydroxy acids. The treatment lends elasticity and firmness to the skin tissues and achieves a visibly smoother and youthful appearance. It can also be customized for acne or oily prone skins. For optimal results, a series of 6 treatments is highly recommended.

60 minutes
Experience the most popular facial treatment for smoother, younger looking skin. With each session, you will see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, scars, excess oils, pore size, and acne. For optimal results, a series of 6 treatments is highly recommended. Includes face and décollété.

Additional Facial Enhancements:
Lip Treatment  
Eye Treatment  

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Helpful Tips & Policies
For information on recommended arrival times for spa services, etc.

Spa Service Tips 
For our spa services, we suggest arriving 30 minutes early to check-in, change, and enjoy the tranquility room and complimentary beverages.
A spa robe and sandals will be provided for your spa experience. Our therapists are professionally trained in draping procedures to ensure your utmost privacy and comfort. However, you may wear undergarments or a swimsuit for treatments, if you prefer.
Cancellation/Late Arrival Policy:
All spa packages and parties are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. Otherwise a 100% charge will be posted to the credit card referenced at the time of scheduling appointment. Guests who are tardy will finish on time in order to respect the next guest’s appointment, and a nominal fee will be assessed.
Special Considerations:
To help maintain a peaceful atmosphere, we ask that all cell phones and pagers be turned off. We ask that children 13 or younger do not accompany you for treatments. We regret that we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items, please keep valuables at home. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone demonstrating inappropriate behavior to any member of our staff.
All prices, menu services, and policies are subject to change without notice.